Our Commitment & Update:

As Medical Acupuncturists, we are board-certified and trained to handle infectious pathogens and communicable diseases. We have personally contacted our local CDC (Center for Disease Control) and using their advice, we are implementing a few new precautions to keep everyone safe This includes:

  • Switching all bedding/ sheets/ pillowcases to disposable/ per patient use
  • All surfaces & stools & handles are disinfected every few hours. 
  • Staff are masked & washing hands after each interaction
  • Patients are encouraged to wash their hands in our facility
  • Maintaining no more than 5 people in the clinic at once and maintain social distancing

The cleaning solution used is hospital-grade antiviral, anti germicidal which specifically kills coronavirus(s). Patients are encouraged to bring their own mask, and use our sink in the office to wash their hands. 

Per the CDC, we must reschedule any patient who has a fever, has a dry cough, or are suffering from respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath. We will be screening patients before they enter our clinic as well as taking temperatures.

We are doing our part to social-distance while still safely accommodating the health and wellbeing of our community. We hope you feel safe and welcomed here and if you do not, we have the ability to set up virtual one-on-one sessions. 

Thank you for your understanding during this time, and mostly, please everyone stay safe and well.

With Love,
Sasha May  & The Impact Healing team 

Below are slides with acupoints for you to try at Home!