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Functional medicine focuses on finding the underlying cause of a patient’s health problems. The Functional Medicine approach uses a laboratory-based analysis system (Genova Diagnostics) to determine what is wrong, uses supplements to correct problems as needed and guides the patient to focus on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, sleep and meditation. 

Sasha applies both an Eastern and Western approach, healing patients with acupuncture, body work, herbal medicine along in addition to the latest in laboratory testing. The combination of both Eastern and Western medicine allows her patients to both heal and maintain their health.  

The meaning of the “Functional” part is that in Functional Medicine we strive to find organ “Dysfunction” prior to the onset of a disease process and restore that “Function." 

Functional Medicine clinics share a few common characteristics. They all order “functional” lab testing. Meaning lab tests that are specific to Functional Medicine and look for “functional” problems, (example, problems with organ function that would appear prior to the onset of a disease process.) For example, a functional test for heart health might detect low levels of antioxidants whereas a conventional test for heart health might detect a blocked artery. Functional Medicine always strives to catch problems in their earliest phases when early intervention is possible and always includes significant lifestyle changes as part of treatment plans. Book your appointment online today.


Functional Medicine

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