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Sasha May is an experienced Certified Chinese Herbalist with a proven record of prescribing treatment plans that deliver life-changing results. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and herbs pair exceptionally well together. Herbalists work from a Traditional Chinese Medicine text called Materia Medica that lists thousands of plant and other extracts. Sasha may prescribe a traditional formula or create a custom-compounded formula for you.


Chinese herbs often take the form of easy-to-digest capsules. But herbal therapy may also involve teas, liquid extracts, granules or powders.


Whatever the form, Impact Healing uses only the highest-quality products. Sasha does not use formulas made in Mainland China as she has quality concerns. All herbs are sourced from the United States, Taiwan or Japan and purchased through Lhasa OMS, a United States based supply company with strict quality control.  Book your appointment online.


Herbal Medicine

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