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Single Treatments (Pay as you Go)

Initial Evaluation (90 minutes): The first visit includes a detailed         consultation including a tongue and pulse diagnosis, followed  by your first acupuncture session. 


Follow-up (60 minutes): all subsequent visits after the initial exam includes a sixty minute stress and pain reducing acupuncture treatment.


Virtual Session (Telemedicine) now Available!

These 30 minute sessions (60 mins for New Patients) we will move through an acupuncture treatment together over a live call utilizing the power of acupressure. We will cater the rest of the session to your needs which could include an herbal prescription, qi gong exercizes, deep breathing, meditation, nutritional guidance, or simply connecting in a supportive conversation. 

Existing Patient (30min follow-up) $50

New patient (60min initial consult) $85

We Accept Insurances from...

United Health Care

If you have health insurance through United Health Care, our office can verify your benefits prior to your first visit. To get started, give us a call at (720) 588-5156.

Cigna Healthcare Insurance

If you have Cigna health insurance and would like to verify your benefits, our office can verify prior to your first visit. To get started, give us a call at (720) 588-5156.

Triwest Healthcare Alliance

If you are a US Veteran, you qualify for 100% covered acupuncture treatments through Triwest Healthcare Alliance and the VA. The only requirement is a Referral/ authorization for acupuncture with Sasha May from your VA Primary care doctor. Click the button below to learn more.

Personalized Treatment Packages Available!

As a courtesy to patients, Impact Healing offers discounts on treatments purchased in multiple sessions. We do this because we know that treatments are most effective when they are received frequently and regularly! It has a cumulative effect in the body and multiple treatments are typically needed to make progress on most types of health problems. Frequent treatment yields faster and greater therapeutic results. Our goal is for you to increase your sense of wellness, vitality, and help you reach your health goals more effectively. Discount packages are available after the initial consultation.


Individual Services:

  • Initial Evaluation: $185
  • Single Treatment (established patient) $85
  • Herbal Consultation: $85 + Cost of Herbs
  • Herbal Follow-up: $50
  • Program Design/ Test Interpretation/ Re-Examination: $125
  • Cupping: $60
  • Acutonics/ Sound & Vibrational therapy: $30
  • Rapid Release Technology Session: $30
  • Ear Acupuncture/ Auricular: $60
  • Ear Seeds: $30