By increasing blood flow to symptomatic areas, acupuncture enhances overall health & function of the entire body. Learn More.

Herbal Medicine

A Board Certified, results-proven herbalist, Sasha creates custom compound specifically formulated herbal compound for each patient. Learn More.

Functional Medicine

By identifying the root cause of disease, functional medicine addresses underlying, foundational health issues. Learn More.


Massage Therapy

Massage helps make your body more relaxed and receptive to acupuncture and other treatments. Learn More.

Nutritional Therapy

Often the first step in returning to balance, nutritional therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the effect each food has on the body. Learn More.


Cupping increases circulation, helps to relieve pain, loosen the fascia and connective tissue, and extract lingering toxins. Learn More.

Vibrational Therapy

Mimicking the body’s natural frequencies, vibrational therapy promotes a deep relaxation and wellness. Learn More.