Dora's Story

I first met Sasha through my husband Bob who was receiving treatment for his severe Bells Palsy on his face. The doctors told him it would take 6 months to a year to recover, or not. Bob didn't really accept what the doctors told him and after researching acupuncture he decided to give it a a try and found Sasha at Impact Healing. After several sessions with Sasha, a little over 3 months his face was back to normal. It was amazing, I couldn’t believe it. He continued going ever so often to keep up the maintenance which had prevented it from happen again. However, in 2016, My husband Bob found out he had cancer and he would still go to Sasha to help with the chemo and radiation side effects. But unfortunately, he passed away the day after Thanksgiving in 2016. I started to make calls to people my husband knew to let them know. This is how I ended up going to Sasha for acupuncture on myself to start my own healing on the issues I developed during this sad time of my life. High blood pressure, depression, not eating right, a great deal of stress and currently Thyroid issues. I called Sasha about Bob passing away and she was so sad and sorry and would asked on how I was doing and offered me a treatment.  My first visit with Sasha was awesome, had no idea what I was getting into. But after meeting her for the 1 st time, I could see why my husband Bob liked her so much and how she helped him. Now I am on my way getting better and healing my body and spirit. I’m still sad but getting healthier, my stress is lower, I'm eating better, depression is much better to handle and my high blood pressure with medication is much lower with hopes start getting off of them soon. I have recommended several friends who also like Sasha very much. Who said she made them feel relaxed on their visits and achieving their own health goals. You would always know that Sasha is a good person just by meeting her for the first time. It would be impossible to find anyone else like her who cares about you and making you feel better. I always look forward for my appointments, thanks Sasha!


I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid, and was prescribed medication which I would have to remain on for life.  That wasn’t the kind of life I envisioned for myself, and I started searching for other options.  I had little faith in acupuncture when I started seeing Sasha May, but I was willing to try anything.  Sasha designed a wellness plan for

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I was suffering from splitting migraines after I injured my neck vertebrae in a car accident.  The physical therapy didn’t help and my only option was to remain on painkillers.  I started seeing Sasha May on a weekly basis, and after several months my migraines disappeared.  I have been migraine-free for over five years. Sasha May is a brilliant acupuncturist

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To patients with pain:

I am very impressed by Sasha’s knowledge and completely changed my views on alternative ways of practicing medicine. If you have pain, if you cannot afford to miss work, do yourself a favor- call Sasha, trust me: you’ll be amazed!

Recommendation for Sasha May

I have been receiving acupuncture from Sasha for two months and the difference in my life is amazing. Sasha is very thorough and analyzes what’s going on with me before beginning treatment.  Every appointment after the first, she does a quick review to see if anything new has cropped up.  Since beginning acupuncture, my energy level has increased, my pain

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