Recommendation for Sasha May

I have been receiving acupuncture from Sasha for two months and the difference in my life is amazing. Sasha is very thorough and analyzes what’s going on with me before beginning treatment.  Every appointment after the first, she does a quick review to see if anything new has cropped up.  Since beginning acupuncture, my energy level has increased, my pain level decreased, my physical PMS symptoms disappeared and I have lost weight better than I have my entire life.  It’s hard to describe but I feel more like myself than I have in decades.

The weight loss deserves more descriptions.  I gained weight as a teenager and have been on various diets through out my life.  At 19 I was on nutrasystems and eating 700-800 calories a day. I lost 5 pounds in three months while swimming daily.  That’s pretty typical of my weight loss story.  I can lose about 2 pounds a month through pretty intense efforts. Three years ago I trained for and completed a triathlon while following a 1500 calorie diet and lost nothing.  Since starting acupuncture, I have lost 12 pounds in two months.  It’s amazing.  I also immediately lost my craving for diet coke.  I have more energy and my body wants healthy foods.

I encourage you to work with Sasha, she is extremely talented, caring and knowledgeable.  She has changed my life!  Thanks Sasha.

Rebecca H