To patients with pain:

My name is Igor; I am professional plumbing contractor in Denver area.

I very rarely find myself in need of any medical professional, until recent accident at work. I lifted typical residential water heater, something I do often without any problem, but this time I must have had wrong grip on it, and as I shifted, I felt sharp pain in my back and found myself on the floor (next to the water heater).

I called doctor’s office, only to be advised to take pain pills and rest my back for a week, which not really an option for me since I work in the field daily. This is when I called Sasha May. I must admit I was skeptical, especially since I had to be driven and helped out of the car to make it there.

After about an hour treatment session, I was able to walk out of her office with pain reduced to discomfort, which was practically gone completely by morning. I was able get back out in the field to take care of my business, and even participate in some active sports by evening.

I am very impressed by Sasha’s knowledge and completely changed my views on alternative ways of practicing medicine. If you have pain, if you cannot afford to miss work, do yourself a favor- call Sasha, trust me: you’ll be amazed!


Igor K.

Express Plumbing.