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Treatment Cost

New Patient Evaluation (Two-Part Initial Exam): $185

1st visit : Includes consultation, examination, and first acupuncture treatment.


 Based on your needs, first treatment, and how you feel, Sasha will provide you with a Report of Findings and can recommend an appropriate course of treatment/action plan. 

Acupuncture Packages:


New Patient Program

*Only available for new patients during the first visit

Treatment Package Description: 4 Treatments

Total Amount: $450.00

*New patient program expires 3 months after purchase date. 

Corrective Care Program

Treatment Package Description: 8 Treatments

Total Amount: $780.00


Maintenance Program:

Treatment Package Description: 12 treatments

Total Amount: $1140.00

*Corrective Care and Maintenance Program packages expire 12 months after purchase date. 



Individual Services:


Initial Intake/Evaluation/Treatment: $185

Single Treatment (Established Patient): $115

Herbal Consultation: $85 + Cost of Herbs

Herbal Consultation Follow-Up: $50

Program Design/Test Interpretation/Re-Examination: $185

Cupping: $60

Sound & Vibrational Therapy: $90

Payment Options:

We accept the following insurances:

United Healthcare and VA/Community Care/Triwest

We also accept HSAs and FSAs. Consider using them funds to purchase a package.



Wellness Packages

At Impact Healing, we believe you have the right to feel your best. This means we step outside of the traditional model of care and create an opportunity for our patients to receive a customized wellness plan that bundles treatments, supplements, nutritional therapy - whatever it is YOU need to get to achieve your wellness goals. 

The wellness plans offers an opportunity to save money and ensures that you'll make time for the care you need to live the life you deserve to be living.

The first step is to schedule a free consult with Sasha.

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