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Your Path to Vibrant Health

Balancing Your Body, Mind & Spirit Naturally

Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease

At Impact Healing, we focus on identifying and treating the underlying cause of a disease, rather than simply treating your symptoms. By eliminating the root cause of an illness, we are able not only to eradicate the symptoms permanently but also to restore the natural balance of Body and Mind.

Impact Healing Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Wellness Services



By increasing blood flow to symptomatic areas, acupuncture enhances overall health & function of the entire body. Learn More.


Herbal Medicine

A Board Certified, results-proven herbalist, Sasha creates custom compound specifically formulated herbal compound for each patient. Learn More.


Functional Medicine

By identifying the root cause of disease, functional medicine addresses underlying, foundational health issues.

Learn More.


Massage Therapy

Massage helps make your body more relaxed and receptive to acupuncture and other treatments.

Learn More.


Nutritional Therapy

Often the first step in returning to balance, nutritional therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the effect each food has on the body.

Learn More.



Cupping increases circulation, helps to relieve pain, loosen the fascia and connective tissue, and extract lingering toxins.

Learn More.


Vibrational Therapy

Mimicking the body’s natural frequencies, vibrational therapy promotes a deep relaxation and wellness.

Learn More.


Wellness Packages

At Impact Healing, we believe you have the right to feel your best. This means we step outside of the traditional care model and create an opportunity for our patients to receive a customized wellness packages that bundles treatments, supplements, nutritional therapy - whatever it is YOU need to get to achieve your wellness goals. 

The wellness packages offer an opportunity to save money and ensure that you'll make time for the care you need to live the life you deserve to be living.

The first step is to schedule a free consult with Sasha.

Not ready to schedule? Watch our free webinar training"Return to Balance"and learn how our approach is  different. 


Meet Sasha

Sasha May discovered Traditional Chinese medicine when her daughter was diagnosed with a walking disorder. As traditional western pediatricians and neurologists couldn’t provide any tangible long-term solutions for her daughter, she found great success in acupuncture. Watching as acupuncture helped her daughter when nothing else would, Sasha left her career as a financial planner and attended the Traditional School of Chinese Medicine. Since graduating and opening her own business, Sasha has helped thousands of patients find relief from their pain and illnesses.

Conditions We Treat at Impact Healing

  • Any Pain (Back, Neck, Shoulder, etc.)

  • Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression/ PTSD

  • Women’s Health (PMS, infertility,  menopause)

  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • Allergies/Sinusitis

  • Arthritis

  • Bell’s Palsy

  • Colds and Flus

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Insomnia/ Sleep issues

  • Side effects from cancer

  • And more ...

See what Impact Healing's patients have to say ...

"Sasha May is extremely professional and knowledgeable about her profession. I swear she is a psychic! She can take my pulse and know exactly what’s going on with my body without me even telling her.

I have recommended her to my coworkers and family. I have only gone to three sessions and am already noticing a huge difference. I am going to continue to see Sasha May, and I recommended anyone wanting to do acupuncture go to her. She is the best!"


"I am a 17 year old male and I have been seeing Sasha May for acupuncture at Impact Healing for about 6 months now for my anxiety and depression. Needless to say, it has helped me a lot. Every time I go for a treatment, I leave feeling more relaxed and less stressed. In addition, it takes away my anxiety/depression and makes my life much better over-all. I would highly recommend visiting Sasha May at Impact Healing if you are among the 350 million people in the world who are suffering from depression or anxiety. I know acupuncture can help you regardless of age/sex/disability."

"Sasha is truly my healer! I've noticed a huge difference in my physical and emotional well being after each visit. She is caring, gentle, knowledgeable and truly works with you to help you improve on whatever you're working on. I've been to so many doctors, both holistic vs medical and have never been able to find answers/get the right treatment to get me to a state where I am comfortable day to day. Sasha is amazing to work with and I will continue going to her for many years to come. I recommend her and this office to everyone! Thank you for everything Sasha!"

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