Sasha May M.S., L.Ac

Medicine has been my calling since I was five years old. The childhood desire to “make people feel better,” remained in my mind and heart throughout the years, carefully nurtured by my family. My mother, a gifted Western medical doctor, and my father, a brilliant scientist with a Ph.D. in Physics, always encouraged me to follow my dream to practice medicine. In pursuit of that dream, I enrolled in the medical school in my home town of Odessa, Ukraine. However, as the political situation in the Soviet Union deteriorated, my training was interrupted by my family’s decision to immigrate to the United States.

In the U.S. I had to learn the new language and the new way of life, as well as figure out how to support my family before I could realize my dream of becoming a doctor. Sometimes, life has a tendency to detract us from what we consider our true path, and in some sense, that is what happened to me. I built a successful career as a Real Estate broker, and soon after my daughter’s birth I received a degree in Finance from the University of Colorado, which helped me become a financial planner. Although I established a profitable practice as a financial planner, something was still missing from my life. In a way, my job consisted of tending to the financial well-being of my clients, but that just wasn’t the same as tending to people’s health.

When my daughter was five years old, she was diagnosed with a walking disorder. As traditional western pediatricians and neurologists couldn’t provide any tangible long-term solutions, I started searching for answers on my own. That was how I first discovered Yoga, which in turn lead me to the discovery of Oriental Medicine, and with it, a whole new philosophy of the holistic approach to human health. As my daughter’s condition was improving with the help of acupuncture and herbal medicine, my life and my understanding of medicine were fundamentally transformed. Edward Khokhlov, a talented doctor of oriental medicine who successfully treated my daughter and my entire family, introduced me to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Following in his footsteps, I enrolled in the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and at last became a licensed practitioner of Oriental Medicine myself. Since then I never looked back. It took me many years and many winding roads to realize my dream, and I am grateful to my wonderful husband, family, and my teachers for their patient support along the way. To be able to finally practice healing is a blessing and a great responsibility, and I am honored to do it with all my heart, body, and soul. For me, there is no higher calling in life and no greater satisfaction than to bring and see the positive changes in my patients’ lives and health.

By having a multidimensional East/West practice, and working closely with Dr. Elena Chebanova, M.D. (a respected physician with 30 years of clinical experience) in the same office, we are able to diagnose our patients from two different perspectives, and thus provide the best treatment options and deliver desired results faster than what is possible via a single medical approach. By looking from two different perspectives, we are able to think “outside the box” and get to the root of your heath problems and provide minimally invasive solutions to a wide range of complicated medical issues.